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Brief ecstasy (1937)

Réalisateur : Edmond T. Gréville
Scénario : Basil Mason
Auteur de l'oeuvre originale :
Dialoguiste :
Société de production :
Directeur de la photographie : Henry Harris, Ronald Neame
Ingénieur du son :
Compositeur de la musique :
Décorateur :
Assistant-réalisateur :
Monteur : Ray Pitt


Helen Norwood (Linden Travers) and Jim Wyndham (Hugh Williams) have a fling before he goes to India. She then marries middle-aged Professor Paul Bernardy (Paul Lukas). Four years later Wyndham returns

The film contrasts the love Helen feels for her husband with her lust for Jim. Few films of the period are as concerned with sexual desire as this one, but it doesn't really work. French director Edmond Greville tries to put an erotic charge into the proceedings but is undermined by the sheer Englishness of the script and cast, and the whole thing degenerates into hysteria. It's worth comparing this to Brief Encounter where English repression is the subject of the film and not its fatal flaw. Still some moments remain, notably in the first section where Helen and Jim are circling each other ready for their first shag. The night-club scene is particularly memorable: as a singer performs we segue from the start of the evening to the end. Linden Travers never looked better on screen.


Paul Lukas
(Prof. Paul Bernardy)
Hugh Williams
(Jim Wyndham)
Linden Travers
(Helen Norwood)
Marie Ney
(Martha Russell)
Renee Gadd
(Girl Friend)
Fred Withers
Howard Douglas
Fewlass Llewellyn
Peter Gawthorne



Edmond T. Gréville (1906-66) - Conception et création : Sébastien JOUVE